Experience Lent


This lent we are challenging you to do something a little bit different.

St. Andrew’s is a very diverse church.  It is this diversity that gives the church some of its uniqueness, but we have a common vision to love God, to love each other and to service the least and the lost in our community.  The purpose of this lent challenge is to experience life through someone else’s eyes, and allow God’s compassion and understanding for the situation of others to grow. 

Liverpool City Council estimate that 38,500 people across Liverpool will move to the full version of Government’s new welfare programme known as Universal Credit.  The Community Network is providing debt and welfare advice to hundreds of local people and helping them to manage the transition.  In a nutshell, living on Universal Credit is likely to be tough.  The allowances are already tight to live on and the requirement of people to budget and manage their own finances is greater than previous benefits processes.  Our challenge, should you wish to sign-up, is to live as if you were living on Universal Credit for the period of lent.

We know that some people in our community may already be living with a very tight budget, or even already on a form universal credit.  We hope that this conversation throughout lent may encourage you, help you teach others on how you manage in a tight situation, or maybe take some handy tips from others.  For some people this will be a new experience.  We hope you are able to understand Universal Credit better and let God speak to you about St. Andrew’s mission in our area.

Click here to download an information pack and to get involved.