Due to lack of volunteers, this missional community is currently on hold. Could you make a difference and help get it up and running again?

We are a community that has a heart for urban youth. We have refurbished rooms in Tuebrook Community Centre as a safe place to meet local teenagers to offer young people a place to explore themselves, gain confidence and chill out with us in a fun and safe way. This includes games and a talk/discussion slot, which we call 'family time', at the end of the evening.  We also work alongside our community Police team to engage youths who are involved in/or at risk of becomming involved in anti social behaviour.

The Project is based in one of Liverpools most deprived areas, Tuebrook. Tuebrook has the highest statistics for young people under the age of 16 hospitalsised for Drug, Alcohol and anti-social behaviour in Merseyside. We also have a regular discipleship group which provides us with a place to grow in our relationship with Jesus and support each other in our volunteering.

To find out more, contact:

Laura Huthwaite lor.huthwaite@gmail.com